How to start a similar website to Adfly script in 2017?

How to start a similar website to adfly in 2017, adfly script

How to start a similar website to Adfly script in 2017?

On the previous article, the business plan of Adfly script was briefly explained. A list of suggestions was introduced at whether you should open a similar service, as well as if its profitable enough, so you can quit your day job. In general, the answer was yes you can quit your day job but not within a small time-frame. Dedication and persistence are needed, so If you’re still considering opening a genuine business based on the adfly script model, then this series of articles will cover most of your questions as well as give you a kind of boost to start your business.

Where to begin?

The first thing to consider when thinking of opening a website online is the website script – model. Particular, a PHP script equipped with all or a part of the features of is an ideal script. In addition, if you’re just starting out in the world of monetized URL’s, then i would suggest starting with an already established PHP script, as it can save resources like time and money to built.

There are several alternatives to that you can find in Codecanyon. I am an owner of the Adlinkfly script too, and I find it very powerful, responsive and dynamic. I can confirm that updates are continually released for this particular script with more than 700 buyers already.  It will cost you around $39 when in discount, so hurry up buy it here Adlinkfly.

In the other hand, if you want to build your website from scratch you will need to be an expert at least in PHP and CSS or hire a freelancer to code the website for you. Unfortunately, PHP programmers are not a cheap solution and therefore not recommended for such a project.

Find your favorite adfly script by experimentation with the demos provided below

The following list describes the most popular choices for starting out your own URL shortening service. You can also take a look at the quick website demos that each service provides.

Adlinkfly – Monetized URL Shortener

Brevis – Premium  Monetized URL Shortener

Although they are not free, the price in comparison to what your buying and what you can literally achieve by using such a script is meaningless. I am not saying that you will be in profit from the first couple weeks, however a single $39 investment can become a $3000 per month over a period of time.  Furthermore, by analyzing myself each script individually, i came to the conclusion that the functions between them are pretty match the same, following the model that i described in my previous post which you can find here: Can you make money by creating a similar website to adfly?

In my opinion, Adlinkfly is the ideal one as it covers the most features already equipped on the popular Adfly service. In addition, the reviews by other users and the comments submitted in Codecanyon do not lie. I am also a buyer of the Adlinkfly, and i confirm that the script is as awesome as it looks.

Conduct research and find the ideal script according to your needs

Take your time and do research on what suits your needs most and please take into consideration your business USP (Unique Selling Point) when making decisions. It is your responsibility to be different compared to the crowed. Not different at everything, just a twist of your business which separate YOU from OTHERS. Take a look at each Adfly script, play with it, experiment, and according to your needs, choose what suits you most.

If you already took a decision, then navigate to the next article where you can register your business domain name, as well as setup the PHP script on your domain hosting provider. In addition to that, my instructions and tutorials will be based on the Website Name 1, as I am already a buyer of the script. Even though you may choose a different website script to begin your journey with, you will be able to apply the same theory and have very positive results.

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