Web Design

At Serphits, we care for the design of your business and so we take the time to understand your business needs and processes then design a web page which gives value to your company.


You will receive 100% unique design, according to your needs and guidelines.


The website will be capable of adopting into phones, tablets and desktop browsers instantly.


Heavy optimization of the website to load fast. Visitors engage more when the website loads fast.


Ensure that visitors can navigate through the website easily, able to find any information they want.</p> <p>


Phase 1 – Information Gathering

During the Phase 1, we gather useful information related to your business and goals. Through discussions with our clients, a checklist is created based on the business itself, the competitors and customers. In general, Phase 1 help us understand the scope of your business and make appropriate decisions for developing the best user interface, an interface which goes above and beyond your industry requirements.


Phase 2 – Planning

Having a complete plan with tasks and milestones is important for both you as a customer and us. We take the time to develop a powerful plan which includes even the smallest element, processes, and module for the development of the website, featured by milestones and timeframes.


Phase 3 – Design

The Design phase contains the mockup drawings including the basic layout of the homepage and the subpages. The menu, buttons, call to actions and etc will be already applied on the mockup. The mockup will be sent to the client for review and feedback., and any redesign requested by the client will be applied. We will keep updating the design as per the client until he is satisfied.


Phase 4 – Coding and Development

The coding and development phase implements the code to all that has been discussed with the client during the previous phases. The actual website is developed on WordPress CMS, including pages, features, and modules. Moreover, as the website will be live, the client will be able to review the website and provide feedback during the building of the website. Performance and security features are taken into consideration during the development.


Phase 5 – Content

In this phase, content is added on the website. It may be text, maps, images, buttons, videos or any other element. The customer will be able to add any content after a short training by our team.


Phase 6 – Testing, Review and Lunch

During the Testing and Delivery phase, the website will be tested for its responsiveness and functionality. The website will be examined for its performance and effectiveness before delivered to the client. As soon as the website passes the test’s above, it will be lunched.


Phase 7 – Maintenance and Updates

The maintenance and update phase is based on the client needs for the long term. We are responsible for the hosting, backup and technical stuff of the website, and we guarantee that the website will always be updated with the latest features and security, and finally always up and running. Furthermore, our team is available for any support requests.