Opportunities of having a digital identity and how to get started in 2017

Opportunities of having a digital identity and how to get started in 2017

In my previous post, I explained the benefits of taking your business online. It will take you 4 minutes to read the article, so if your interested you can find it here: Online Business Opportunities: Benefits Of Taking Your Business Online

In this article, I am going to discuss the opportunities of having a digital identity, as well as the relation to your business and how you can get started.

Opportunities of having a digital identity

Let’s say you own a plumbing business, which you slowly grow through referrals, friends or mouth to mouth. You have no identity online at the moment, but you want to make the big step and take your business a step further. What opportunities are there which you will benefit from when being online?

One of the most important benefits of being online is the visibility you will have on the SERP’s (search engine results page). Owning a piece of the online world, for example, a website, a blog, a Facebook page or even a landing page or a portfolio will bring huge opportunities to you, either as a business or an individual.

If we assume that a random guy searches for “plumbers near me” and your website/social page/landing page shows up in the search results, the potential is unlimited for your business. If a visitor clicks on your website link, he will be able to learn more about you, then order your products and services, if interested.

How are these opportunities related to my business?

Powerful content can be shown on your website, for example, a list of testimonials that other happy users rated. Perhaps a short video explaining what your business is about in a professional way, or showing a portfolio of your work which embraces trust to the public. If interested enough, they might look at the prices you offer, or find your business in Google Maps. If they are worried about anything, they may use the contact form to ask a question or request a quote. They may even visit your social media profiles for an even deeper look at your business background, tips, images or videos.

These are just some of the benefits you acquire once you move into the digital world. However, there are a lot more!

Being online will help your business gain insights of the needs of the customers interested in your services. Using this information appropriately, you will be able to show up as a “solution” to visitors “problems”. By now, you may be wondering how is it possible? I will answer that straight away. It is called Targeted Advertising.

By definition,

In online advertising, ad targeting refers to the practice of advertisers attempting to reach (target) a specific desired consumer audience.

For example, your ad will show up when they search for particular keyword terms.  Furthermore, you as an advertiser will be able to restrict the ads for showing within a specific radius. Moreover,  you will be able to target by interests, hobbies or even age. By executing such activities, you will gain useful analytics about your targeted ads, for example, how many they saw your ad, if the click on it, what did they type for your ad to show on and more.

How can I get started?

You may be wondering how can you get started? What tools are needed? Just to let you know, the technology is here and the tools are easier to use than ever. Most of them are even free to use. However, it is not about the tools. You will get used to them and will be like a simple game using them. The importance is on the business plan itself, and that is where most businesses are lacking off.

To give you a quick example, let’s consider that.

You build a wonderful website, full of information, tips, images, reviews and videos. Great, but even if you have the greatest content online, without advertising no one will be able to discover what you have to offer. That is a part of the business plan, and a lot more I will speak about.

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time. – Henry Ford

At first, you will have to thing from where you will start, e.g. mobile, web, social. What you want to achieve and how you will achieve it. What about the tools and the content that you will use for achieving your aims? Are you going to do all by yourself or are you planning to get help or hiring someone for certain aspects of your business?

Last but not least, consider the cost and time it will take approximately to achieve your aims. Set a realistic project budget accompanied by a realistic schedule. Set milestones, and celebrate when achieving them. It means that you’re on the right path and growing.

The fact that half of the word is online in 2017, cannot go unnoticed as potential customers are looking for products or services related to your niche from every corner around the globe.

In short,

It’s time to go digital!

Author: Thomas Moudouros

Hello, thanks for passing by. My name is Thomas Moudouros, owner of Serphits. I am a young and ambitious entrepreneur, who enjoys sharing clever methods for earning passive income online. I have a vast knowledge on anything related to Email Marketing, Dropshipping, Advertising, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, SEO, Blackhat tools/methods and business plans.Moreover, I offer help for the methods and stuff I speak about on each post and would love to hear your problems, recommendations, feedback, or generally just a talk!

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