An SEO agency, or at least an SEO specialist, is crucial for any company/brand looking to increase their presence on search engines.

An SEO agency will employ specialists in different areas of search engine optimisation for the purpose of making your site search engine friendly.

SEO professionals, as part of an agency, provide services that usually involves providing an audit of your site, coming up with an SEO strategy and carrying this strategy out with a review of results.

SEO experts usually specialise in either technical SEO, content SEO and/or digital PR.

  • Technical SEO involves reviewing how the website is structured, it’s page-speed and navigation to help the site more user-friendly for search engines.
  • Content SEO involves editing and generating content that appeals to search engines based on the keywords you’re looking to rank for.
  • Digital PR involves generating backlinks through promoting content to journalists, blogs and reputable sites to help increase domain authority.

What Makes a Good SEO Agency?

A good SEO agency should be one that not only delivers on the services they provide, but communicates the results effectively and implements into your marketing strategy smoothly.

A good SEO agency should start by providing you with an initial audit, implementing a strategy and showing results through reports and analysis over a long period of time. These results should be seen between a 6-month and 2-year period.

The best SEO agencies will also understand your whole marketing strategy and, as we’ve outlined before, be able to work parallel with your PPC strategy.

What are the Best SEO Agencies in London?

With all this in mind, it’s important to consider the best SEO agencies in London and one that works for your business.

Based on expertise, services provided and the results we’ve seen across search engines for their clients, here’s our top 5 list in no particular order:

1. UWP Group

The UWP Group is a leading digital marketing agency based in Farringdon, London. Their services range from a whole heap of marketing opportunities including PR, PPC, Social Media Marketing and most importantly, SEO.

With their 360 degree approach to marketing, they offer the opportunity to understand your marketing strategy and implement SEO practice that works in tandem.

From a recent case study, they achieved page 1 ranking for a HR company for over 1,000 keywords and have been working with companies on their SEO for over 8 years.

2. Yellowball

Yellowball is a multi award-winning agency with a team of digital marketing specialists across web, SEO, PPC, video and design.

The agency has successfully worked with a whole range of companies such as Uncommon and Goodbox. When it came to Goodbox, the SEO team provided critical comparisons with the companies PPC campaigns to review topics and keywords worth ranking, whilst scaling back campaigns that were not performing as expected.

3. Kaizen

Founded by Pete-Reis Campbell, Kaizen is a growth agency that has SEO at it’s heart with a strong grip on digital PR done correctly.

From an SEO perspective, the company offers technical audits, link building, international SEO, voice search and AI, website migration and custom solutions.

4. The Brains Marketing

The Brains Marketing, based in London, take a different approach to SEO.

Unlike other SEO companies, Brains Marketing doesn’t deliver organic traffic for the sake of generating more website visitors, but rather to drive revenue and deliver ROI.

In their own words, ”You won’t find high traffic, low conversion activity here.”

5. ClickSlice

ClickSlice, an agency that understands companies frustration with agencies not delivering results, focuses on KPIs with appropriate reporting. They use real time data and claim their ’science’ of SEO ensures their process works like no other.

The agency helped the Freeview box range, Humax, generate tens of thousands of organic impressions a month.


Whilst these are what we’d consider the best SEO agencies in London, it’s important you find one that works for your business and fits well with your goals and company culture!