Online Business Opportunities: Benefits Of Taking Your Business Online

Online Business Opportunities: Benefits Of Taking Your Business Online

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about the masses of people that currently use the Internet, where do they spend most of their time online, as well as give you a brief idea of the online business opportunities that exist when you make a move towards the digital world.

How many people are online worldwide?

If we take into consideration the online usage during the last 17 years, the results are quite fantastic! It was estimated that in 2000, approximately 361 million people were using the internet while in 2014, the total number of people using the internet was over 3 billion! A growth rate of 764% was observed between the two dates mentioned above. Moreover, today almost half of the population of the world is online.

If we take into consideration Europe only, 75% of the European population have access to the world wide web. An even deeper insight reveals that on average, people are currently spending over 30 hours online per month. According to this, only one question arises.

Where do they spend most of their time online?

In other words, what are their activities when browsing the internet? A wide range of people is shopping, constantly. In Europe, the total online sales were €364 billion for the year 2013. In addition, a rapid growth of the Online video industry was observed, as the growth was tripled in the last seven years. Websites like Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix, and social networks have millions of visits every day. Furthermore, according to an insight research, people love spending hours socializing and sharing. It was estimated that almost a third of their time is spent on social networks.

Online Business Opportunities

So why am I talking about where people spend most of their time on the internet? Because such people can be potential buyers for your business. There are people right now searching for a business like yours – if you have one. Furthermore, as time passes by, the internet is growing every single day and will continue to grow over the years. You just have to think for a minute how internet transformed our lives in such a short period of time. In every corner of the world, even the smallest business is making a move to expand their services and products to the digital world – a move that you have to consider for the success of your business. When you make the move into the digital world, online business opportunities will start appearing.

It worths noting that such an opportunity can be claimed by any small business, even a start-up. A series of articles and tutorials will be posted frequently.

If you’re looking for new customers, or you’re interested in selling services or products directly from your website or looking for targeted advertising, feedback, and analytics then now is the best time to start in the online world. Follow us and take advantage of the online business opportunities you can have.

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Author: Thomas Moudouros

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  • Tiffany Locke
    June 6, 2017 at 2:07 am

    It’s great that this article explains how the internet grows daily and will continue to expand, and how it gives you the opportunity to reach more people around the world. This could give you the chance to expand and get more clients. I’d imagine that if you are a new business and don’t have much experience online, you’d probably want to get professional help from a company that has experience finding business opportunities.

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