Making Money on Adfly: $50 Per Day With Adfly and Youtube Fast

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Making Money on Adfly: $50 Per Day With Adfly and Youtube Fast

In today’s article, I am gonna expose how you can start making money on Adfly in no time. Literally, it requires around 20 minutes to setup the method. At the end, you will get paid every single day. The method is considered an Autopilot method, and maybe the easiest method you will discover for making money online. You can easily achieve $30 or even $50 per day when you work consistently.

So, What is this method about?

I am not going to have you read this 850-word article in order to understand what is this method about. In simple terms: you will have to upload videos on Youtube, and the viewers will click on your Adfly links for downloading what your promoting. As a result, the viewers get what they want, and you are getting paid for that. Keep reading to learn how you can accomplish such a method of earning money online, the easy way.

Set up the method and start making money on Adfly

  • The method requires you to have a specific niche, as you will offer a free “goody” to your viewers on Youtube.
  • An account on, or on any URL monetization service is also a required, as it will be the gateway you make money online.
  • A screen capture tool for recording your screen. (You can download a screen recorder tool for free by visiting: The Best Free Screen Recorders in 2017. Download and install one of the software’s available,  and then keep reading for the awesome and completely free method of Making Money on Adfly).

So, If you do not already know, and pay you a certain amount of money for every visitor you send through their links. The first thing is to create an account if you do not have one already. It is free and only takes a minute. The second step is to create a Youtube account to be able to upload videos (you probably have one).

The niche you choose has to offer something valuable to the viewers, so you will have to use an attractive “goody” as a promotion. Have a look on what I will use throughout this method as an example, and twist it or adopt the mindset to your niche.

The actual Method of making money on Adfly

Go here and copy the URL. (It is a Pastebin URL with a CSGO “hacks”. It is a completely safe website, no worries.)

Log in to your account on or, paste the URL in the text box and shrink it.

The next part is to download a Video Screen Capture tool and capture a small video of how one is able to download the file you shared. A video with a length of a minute will work quite good. You can download a screen recorder tool for free by visiting: The Best Free Screen Recorders in 2017Install the software and open it. Record the short video and be ready to upload it on Youtube. An example is this youtube video, which is in the niche of games, and more specifically he records his screen downloading and installing “Counter Strike 1.6” using his Adfly link. He basically shows the path that viewers need to follow in order to play the game. Watch the video, take an idea and come back here to complete the tutorial.

Navigate to a free keyword research tool and type “CSGO Hacks” or anything related to your niche or the item you provide. The keyword tool will show a wide list of keywords that people are currently searching and you should copy all the keywords you find useful and related to your niche. They are long-tail keywords, meaning that when someone searches with the exact long-keyword, your video will show up first on Youtube or in Google search.

Final Step (Payday!)

Upload the video on Youtube and come up with an attractive title related to what you provide in a few words. It is preferred that you include the main keyword at the beginning of the title. For example “CSGO Hack: Free Download Link in the description”  By doing this you will achieve a high position in Youtube or Google, and so more viewers when people search for “CSGO hack”.

Write a small video description like: “You can find the CSGO hack here: Place your or link here”. Press enter and post all the keywords you copied from in the description and publish it.

That’s it! You now have to wait for viewers and clicks on your link. You can check your live statistics on the or dashboard to check your earnings or to cash out on Paypal. If you want to accelerate the process of youtube indexing your video, you can purchase high retention views on Fiverr or elsewhere.

How can I earn $50 per day on Adfly?

You can achieve such an amount by uploading 2-4 videos per day on Youtube, or even more if you’re really dedicated and work consistently. Remember that sky is the limit. Spread your links appropriately and not in a spammy way and you will succeed at your aim of making money on Adfly.

If you have any questions, then why not let me know? Write in the comments or Contact me. Wish you the best.

Author: Thomas Moudouros

Hello, thanks for passing by. My name is Thomas Moudouros, owner of Serphits. I am a young and ambitious entrepreneur, who enjoys sharing clever methods for earning passive income online. I have a vast knowledge on anything related to Email Marketing, Dropshipping, Advertising, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mining, SEO, Blackhat tools/methods and business plans.Moreover, I offer help for the methods and stuff I speak about on each post and would love to hear your problems, recommendations, feedback, or generally just a talk!

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