Make Money Selling Gift Cards on eBay or alternative Marketplaces

Make Money Selling Gift Cards on eBay or alternative Marketplaces

  1. By following the step by step method I describe below, you will be able to purchase Xbox Gift Cards or Game Activation Codes at low prices, and resell them in several marketplaces like eBay. By keeping the change between the buy – sell price, you will be making a nice profit from each sale. Does it sound good? Keep reading below, educate yourself and start make money selling gift cards like a boss. Like Albert Einstein said,

You have to learn the rules of the game. Then you have to play better than anyone else.” 

Some questions that may arise to anything related to gift cards are:

  1. Can i sell digital codes on eBay?
  2. Where to sell digital game codes?
  3. Can you resell gift cards?
  4. Can i sell digital codes online?

The short answer is Yes, so keep reading and learn how you can dominate the gift cards marketplace. At first, I will prove that you can sell digital codes online, for example in eBay, Amazon, or alternatives.

Proof of Method

Before starting out, let’s prove that this method of make money selling gift cards really works. I am gonna use an Xbox Live Gift Card to prove that this method can and will earn huge profits when planned appropriately. It worths mentioning that G2A is the supplier, and it is ranked at the 775 position worldwide according to Alexa by Amazon, and receiving approximately 497,500 unique visitors daily. Hence, completely safe.

With that said, to begin, let’s find out the price that a single Xbox Live Gift Card costs on G2A. The prices shown in the image below are from G2A. So by looking at the image below, the cheaper price is $42.48 for 1 x Xbox Live Gift Card. Moreover, more than 421,152 transactions were completed successfully, and the rating of this particular seller is 99%. In addition, prices are fluctuating every day, hence price may be lower to what is shown in the image. Therefore, check the prices for this particular item by clicking on Show me the Xbox Gift Card Prices and make sure to scroll down to find the offers available.

make money selling gift cards

Now that we have a price for the Xbox Live gift card, we are going to compare it to the price that it is currently sold on eBay. The prices can be seen in the figure below. Two prices are shown out of the 42 results that were visible on eBay, $51.50 and $55.58. Feel free to check the price by yourself. You can do it by searching on eBay for

Xbox Live 12 Month

or click here: Xbox Live 12 Month. (It will automatically open a new tab and take you to eBay for checking the prices)

make money selling gift cards

If we consider the maximum price, which is $55.58, then the profit at 10 items sold on eBay would be:

Sales – Cost of Goods Sold = Profit

(10 x $55.58) – (10 x $ 42.48) = $131 Profit 

Clearly, the potential is amazing. You will be able to sell 10 Gift Cards within 5 days, so let’s start describing how you go about trying this method out.

Step 1 – Create an account on G2A (aka make money selling gift cards)

First, you need to sign up on G2A, the supplier that I use to make easy money on eBay. So go ahead, create a Free Account and verify your Email Address. No need to purchase the Gift cards now. With this method, you first make a sale, and then you buy the gift card. G2A accepts a variety of payments including Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Discover, Bitcoin, Skrill, Paysafecard and a lot more.

Step 2 – Find the digital products that you will be selling

The Xbox gift card that i used as an example can be bought here: Xbox Live 12 Months. However, according to Wikipedia,

The main product offering on G2A.COM is game digital key codes to such platforms as Steam, Origin and Xbox. Other products found on the marketplace include software and prepaid activation codes.

So, according to above, you should literally be able to buy and sell anything related to the game industry.

I once tried to buy and resell $5 Xbox Gift Cards, and I had quit a good time doing it. PROOF?

Well, have a look at the photo below, which is my buying activity in G2A.

make money selling gift cards

Within 3 days I sold 18 x $5 Xbox Gift Cards! Honestly, orders started from the day one!

Step 3 – Set up your eBay account or an alternative to eBay

If you have an eBay or Amazon account, then you’re ready to start selling gift cards. If not, then create one or try an alternative e-commerce website. There are hundreds similar to eBay and Amazon. My advice is to use eBay as it was the most effective for me, therefore i recommend it.

Step 4 – Set up the listing on eBay

Post your items in eBay.  Include a proper description of your listing and mention that the default delivery method is by Personal Message, but you will be able to send it by Post too. It worths noting that I did not have any buyer requesting the gift card code to be sent by post, as they usually want fast delivery. Furthermore, make it clear in the description that the buyer will receive a digital activation code and not a physical gift card.

Step 5 – Publish your Listing on eBay and start to make money selling gift cards

Publish the listing on eBay and wait for potential buyers. You will soon start receiving orders, so be sure to check your eBay account frequently for any orders that need to be delivered. Read below for the delivery instructions.

Step 5 – Did you make your first sale? Here is how you proceed

Congrats on your first sale! Now go on G2A, find the best price offered and buy the activation code. You will send the activation code by mail within eBay or a Personal Message if you’re selling on a different platform. Here is what I send to my customers on eBay, including the activation code.


Thank you for trusting us provide you our awesome products at the best price! Below, you can find everything you need that will help you add the gift card to your Xbox Account as fast and easy as possible! As long as you follow the guide provided below, everything should be alright!

The Gift-Card Code: Your activation code you bought from G2A

Please Copy and paste it to avoid any possible errors.

Follow the guide on how to add your Gift-card:

Take your time and leave feedback.We really appreciate it, and we cannot say how much we love you!

We wish you the best,


That’s it! With a single message you’re delivering the activation code, and if you’re fast at the delivery time then the buyer will remember you. Plus, you’re inviting your customer to leave feedback in a proper manner. Moreover, the guide included on how one can activate the gift card will skyrocket the user’s experience.

If you have any questions about the guide above, let me know in the comments or use the Contact Me page. Did you like that specific way to make money selling gift cards? Share the method with your friends. Let them know how to make money selling gift cards!


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