Can you make money by creating a similar website to

Can you make money by creating a similar website to

Ever heard of Adfly is used by millions of people annually and considered a strong and proven plan for anyone want to replicate the Adfly business model. This article briefly describes the general business plan/core idea of and how it is currently earning money to the owners.

What components Adfly business model consist of?

Adfly consists of two assemblies, the Publishers and the Advertisers. The Publishers are the ones that shrink URL’s/links and spread them around the web e.g. Facebook, blogs, YouTube etc. In return, they get paid for every visitor they refer. It is considered an effortless way for publishers to earn money and is currently used by a vast majority of people online.

In the contrast, Advertisers are the ones that pay Adfly and its members for showing their websites or landing pages as an interstitial, banner or pop up ad through their network. Advertisers are trying to get leads or generally earn money through a wide variety of ways including affiliate marketing, sales, landing pages etc.

Adfly business model -

How does Adfly makes money with the help of these two assemblies described above?

Adfly is the middle man which connects advertisers and publishers together. It simply controls the two groups effectively and manages to earn money. A really easy example to understand how Adfly manages to make money is the Example 1.

Example 1

Briefly, when an advertiser pays for example $10 to receive 5000 unique visits to his website, Adfly receives $10. Moreover, Adfly distributes according to its rules a part of the $10 – budget to the members who helped distributing the advertisement to the public, for example $6. In return, the difference between $10 and $6 is $4, and that is the profit of from just a single transaction. Advertisers will be happy if they manage to convert the traffic into leads or sales so to cover their cost of advertising and keep profit, and members will be happy as they managed to redirect traffic through the Adfly links and got paid a part of the advertising budget.

In addition, it is a win-win situation for both advertisers and members and that is the reason Adfly continues to run today. So, the explanation behind such a business plan is a place where advertisers and publishes will be able to co-operate in a single website.

Should you open a similar service?

With that said, with the right knowledge, tools and persistence anyone can start a real business and moreover a business based on a URL shortening service. It is not science, however it requires some PHP knowledge, dedication and imagination to accomplish your goals. From my perspective, starting a business which is more of a friendly way that online visitors can use to earn some bucks per month, always attract people online, and I have also observed it myself. Everyday more and more people are searching in the internet how to make money from the comfort of their own home or sofa, therefore this type of people can be used as potential members of your website – URL monetization.

In the other hand, you may feel confident with the idea that with a number of back-links and cheap marketing, users will register on your site, as they will be able to earn money for free though your website. I completely agree with that, as there are many desperate people looking for ways to earn money online. You will find that it is indeed easy to convince people to register and use your website as they will receive free money, right?! However, advertisers are the ones worth more consideration as they will be the ones who will provide the main income for you and your members. With that said, a significant question arises and can be seen below.

Is it profitable to run a similar website to adfly?

If you manage it as a genuine business, it will be profitable no matter what. As already said, this business plan is proven to work and known to generate money in a fairly easy way. Marketing needs to be according to the business plan, although in the next articles I will describe some easy ways of marketing such projects where money are involved. Also, it worth’s pointing out that is used by millions of users annually, and therefore high traffic equals high profit for them.

Consequently, a URL monetization service can be quite profitable as when managed correctly can really make you quit your day job. The topic above represents the very basic business plan of Adfly. It is a stable business plan as it is not the only service offering such a service. These are some of the most popular URL monetization services online. Feel free to register and observe the features they provide. It is free to open your account and it only takes minutes.

Top 6 URL Monetization Services 2017



The next article discusses the basic structure of Adfly and how it is possible to build a similar or identical service. If you’re interested to learn more on the website part, as well as marketing it and exposing it to the world, then you can start from here: How to start a similar website to Adfly script in 2017

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments I would be more than happy to see them in the comment section.

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