Search Engine Optimization Abbreviated SEO is the process of improving your visibility in internet searches. This is aimed at drawing traffic from users searching for topics relevant to your website.
Common day market exists online and people have to search for the goods or services they are seeking. Whatever they feed into the search engine is a bunch of keywords that will be used by the search engine to direct the user to the relevant sites.
Bing is a Microsoft-owned and operated search engine. Bing took quite a while in its lag phase before climbing up the ladder of rated search engines to be second best after Google. Bing differs slightly from Google and therefore specifics you should pay attention to include;

  1. Make good use of Bing webmaster tools; these are tools to help the user analyze data feedback from their sites and know what to refine for better throughput. Bing webmaster tools allow the import of data from Google’s search console.
    Some important tools are;
  • Backlinks – These are connections from other sites to your website. Bing translates this to mean the other site found your information to be relevant and helpful hence providing a link to your page on their page. The higher the quality of the backlink, the higher the ranking your site will get in Bing.
  • Sitemap – This is a roadmap describing your website. It defines the different pages on your site and therefore improves the chances of a better ranking due to the specificity of the pages given. You should submit your sitemap data to Bing as it is free and increases your ranking.
  • Keywords report – When coming up with a site or when optimizing an already existing website, keywords are used in the content, in Alt tags, in metadata description, and as tags. This report shows how successful each keyword is and you can easily make a decision on which keyword to frequently use.
  1. Register on Bing places. Bing Places is the equivalent of Google my business. Its advantage though is you don’t have to wait for your application to be reviewed. You just have to claim your business, add your contact info, link to social media channels, post
  2. reviews, and recommendations.
  1. Be up to date with the Bing webmaster blog. It is through the webmaster blog that algorithm updates are announced. Algorithm updates vastly change ranking and hence a need to stay ahead of the pack. Everyone wants a slice of the online market and getting info ahead of a majority will always place you in a better position. SEO is not complex as it sounds. By just using the right search terms and being updated about algorithm updates, you can nail optimizing your site.