Can you make money on eBay by scamming eBay sellers in a “legit” way?

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Can you make money on eBay by scamming eBay sellers in a “legit” way?

Can you make money on eBay by scamming eBay sellers in a “legit” way? Yes you can. However, I have never done it and i am not intending to do such an unethical action. I suggest you not to try it. Moreover, I only publish it for educational purposes. I am doing it to raise awareness to the eBay sellers and especially you, as an eBay seller. It is a fact that on eBay, sellers get scammed every day, so read below, protect yourself and protect your hard earn money.

How is it possible to make over $2000 overnight?

According to expandedramblings, there are more than 25 million sellers on eBay.  Everyone, in a short period of time eventually understands that eBay can bring huge profits when managed well. That is why eBay is growing larger and larger every day. Companies, entrepreneurs and individuals are joining as sellers to try expand their current business or simply start a new one. Some people are already in the game, others are staring now. Despite that, as a seller you should be very careful who you are dealing with.

True story of a Buyer trying to scam an eBay seller

A few months ago, I was informed that a seller on eBay was about to get scam for $2,300 by a random eBay buyer.

Briefly, the case was that a random buyer placed an order for a Canon Camera for $2,300. Buyer paid for the item in a reasonable time, and waited for the item to get shipped.  The seller after a day dispatched the product carefully, featuring a tracking number that was provided to the buyer. Until now everything was looking fine, however the buyer tried to scam the seller as soon as he received the package.

Specifically, the buyer stated that the camera he received was completely damaged, demanding a full refund of his money. The buyer followed the standard procedure for reporting the item to the eBay support, and images of the broken camera were shared to the eBay and PayPal for investigation of the case.

Through a deep investigation and successful management of the seller itself, it was proved that the buyer was trying to cheat by sending fake photos of a broken camera. The explanation was that although he received the package in a perfect condition, the buyer was already an owner of the same camera model, and decided to try trick the seller. The cheat was discovered with the help of the unique serial number equipped on the camera, hence refund was not completed, and the cheater was identified. With that said, one questions arises.

What if no serial number was equipped on the camera itself or seller did not keep note of the serial number?

I will tell you. The cheater would be $2300 in profit from just a single transaction. Moreover, as the Camera was “broken”, then the buyer should get a refund. In addition, the buyer could have returned a broken camera instead of the new one. With that said, the buyer could have been $2300 in profit + the new camera ($2300). It looks to me that there is space for people to cheat and earn $2000 or even $4000 “legally”on eBay in 2017.

Is it possible to replicate such an action?

It is possible and happens very often on a variety of products. The procedure followed by people is similar to this one, although each one used it differently, as each product varies in comparison to another.

So, can you make money on eBay by cheating?

You can, however take in mind that your eBay account will be in trouble if the cheat is detected by eBay. You proceed by your own and please keep in mind that I will not be responsible for your actions debts, bans or claims.



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