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  • How Do I Generate Authority Backlinks?

    How Do I Generate Authority Backlinks?

    When Google sees different websites vouching for your content through backlinks, especially those with authority, it concludes that your post is informa- tive and relevant, and thus deserves to appear higher up on search engine results pages. The “better” the referral, the greater the authority of the website referring back to your content. Here’s how […]

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  • What is Search Engine Optimisation?

    SEO is an abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimisation.” The purpose of SEO is to increase a website’s visibility in organic search results. SEO helps businesses by ranking its websites higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). When SEO is applied correctly, these efforts bring more traffic to the company’s website, boosting the likelihood of more […]

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  • What Makes a Good SEO Consultant?

    What Makes a Good SEO Consultant?

    Whether you are looking to become a consultant specialising in SEO or you are looking to hire someone who is, it is important to know what attributes are needed for someone to be a good SEO consultant.  Search engine optimisation is without a doubt one of (if not the most) important forms of marketing in the modern age […]

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  • Metaverse SEO: The Future of SEO? 

    Metaverse SEO: The Future of SEO? 

    The internet and the future of the online world are constantly changing. Many of the giant leaders in the technology industry such as Mark Zuckerberg are talking about what that future might look like. He and many others are stating that the future of the internet will be significantly more immersive and connected.  What this […]

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  • What are Unnatural Links?

    Unnatural links are similar to purchased links, in which they occur not because of editorial choice or as a honest recommendation by the author/site owner. These unnatural links are therefore often generated through purchased links.

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  • What is Referral Traffic?

    Referral traffic is web traffic that is sent from one website to another site. You can usually see referral traffic in Google Analytics under ’medium’ via Source/Medium.

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