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Global Marketing Driven by Data
Data-Driven Marketing Agency
Our Expertise
Results Driven by Data

We excel in managing PPC campaigns, implementing robust tracking, and conducting insightful customer analyses. Driving targeted traffic to your site, utilising advanced AI for optimal ROI.

Paid Search Management

Our expertise lies in crafting targeted campaigns for paid search, employing meticulous keyword research, sophisticated targeting methods, and a systematic approach.

Advanced Site Analysis

We facilitate a profound understanding of your data by establishing conversion and event tracking, empowering you to discern user behavior on your website.

Programmatic Media

Expand your reach strategically across the web and OOH with our programmatic media solutions, connecting with the most relevant audiences and potential customers.

Companies That Trust Us

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Regal Rexnord

"Jared’s work ethic is like no other. Although an entire ocean separates our locations, that time difference has never affected his speed to respond. His knowledge, professionalism, speed, and never-give-up attitude makes him an asset that anyone would be lucky to have. To add one final note for those shopping around, Jared’s prices are the most honest and fair I have ever seen. With everything above coupled with this pricing, any company would be missing out to not pull the trigger on having Jared on board their team."

Regal Rexnord
Manufacturing Client
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"Shirts. I always say you can tell a lot about a man by his shirts. In Jared's case his shirt wardrobe was a metaphor for the myriad of talents he had while working with us. Some were formal which were appropriate when he was doing technical SEO or PPC work. Some were bright or floral which reflected his creative side and this came out while he was working on web/social media content. But they were always tasteful and well-received which was in line with Jared's impact."

Barrington Watch Winders
eCommerce Client
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"Jared’s ability to understand the entire user experience in addition to diving deep into analytics has allowed us to make optimal improvements regarding bottlenecks within our SaaS application. Further, his GA4 prowess allowed us to define our visitors in light of being a start up. He’s a professional who caters not only to start ups but to enterprises looking to achieve their data analytics objectives."

Loxz Digital
SaaS Client
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brass works logo

"Jared's professionalism is exemplary, and his keen insights into the intricacies of PPC management have propelled our business forward. His strategic approach to pay-per-click advertising has been a catalyst for our development, empowering us to navigate the digital landscape with confidence."

In our journey towards achieving our business goals, Jared has been a constant source of support. Every time we set our sights higher, Jared has risen to the occasion, consistently delivering exceptional results with his skillful execution. His ability to align PPC strategies with our evolving objectives has been instrumental in our sustained progress."

Brass Works
eCommerce Client
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